Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship is the responsible and ethical management of a product throughout its life cycle, from production to its final use and beyond.

Product Stewardship has two main objectives:

-          Minimize the potential health and environmental risks

-          And maximize the benefits from the use of the product.

Bayer CropScience has adopted a "life cycle" on all key aspects of a responsible management of the product in order to protect human health and the environment.


The Product Stewardship activities of Bayer CropScience includes a thorough risk assessment of human health and the environment from the phases of research and product development, through an application of safer manufacturing processes and preserving natural resources, to promote responsible distribution, application and disposal of the product. Product Stewardship activities are an integral part of the business of Bayer CropScience and its contribution to Sustainable Agriculture.

Principles of Responsible Management:

Product research / Product registration - Bayer CropScience obtained certification in different countries for all uses of plant protection products in accordance with their national requirements. Bayer CropScience has conducted thorough tests on plant protection products in accordance with appropriate scientific procedures.

Labels for commercial products - Bayer Cropscience labels for commercial plant protection products include the appropriate information on permitted uses, first aid and medical advice, precautions on storage, handling and safe use and instruction on the treatment and collection of empty packaging.  

Formulation and/or application techniques - The development of continuous formulations and regular improvement of application techniques of our range of plant protection products is an essential contribution in providing solutions in the field of new agricultural practices and for the safety of the user and the environment.
Training - Training programs are organized for employees and customers of Bayer CropScience on an ongoing basis to to keep them informed in all areas related to the responsible use of crop protection products. This includes aspects such as the safe use of products to ensure the protection of human health and the environment.

Data Sheets Material Safety – Downloadable on our product pages.

Checks throughout the Supply chain – Including production, packaging, transportation, storage and disposal of empty packages.

Promoting of certified usage - In cooperation with the authorities and any stakeholder, Bayer CropScience actively encourages strict adherence to approved procedures of application. Bayer CropScience will not support and encourage any non-authorized use of any of its products. The plant protection products are tracked from production to the end user on the field in order to always provide optimum benefits for agriculture and for the safety of users, consumers and the environment.

Prevention and investigation of incidents - Bayer CropScience take all possible steps to avoid any accident or incident with plant protection products. If such accidents or incidents occur, they are reported and a detailed examination of the causes is performed in order that measures be taken to prevent their recurrence.  

Trade Partners - Bayer CropScience requires its business partners to accord to its products for plant protection, the same level of Product Stewardship required within the company. As a result, Bayer CropScience provides adequate training to its distributors, retailers, formulators and co-distributors so that they can provide accurate information on the correct, responsible and safe use of plant protection products.  

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